Social Ad Exchange Network - Quality Targeted Website Traffic Marketing

As we all know, the Internet industry, Internet advertising is the main profit model, an website traffic realizable commercial product is very important evaluation criteria. With the development of Internet crowd directional technology, the Internet advertising began to emerge from a single, old-fashioned trading patterns, turned to a more accurate and efficient trading patterns shift.
Ad Exchange is an Internet advertising trading platform, the same as stock trading platform, Ad Exchange to contact the buyer and seller is advertising deal, which is the main party advertising and advertising have party. Speaking of buyers and sellers, we must lead the two platforms --DSP platform for buyers and sellers of services and SSP platform.
DSP: the targeted traffic, there are thousands of advertisers, they need to promote their products, finding high-quality media and precise target users, optimize advertising strategy to improve the input-output ratio. Simply speaking, DSP is the main service advertising platform, advertisers can set up advertising on the platform target audience, delivery area, and so on ad bids.
SSP: Internet where there are thousands of resources and rich website traffic, they need the huge flow of liquidity to grow and develop, and also hope that every one can achieve maximum flow benefits. Simply speaking, SSP is a media service platform, webmasters can manage their own advertising on ssp control to show ads, setting up more than more.